Friday, December 31

Outerwear Bargains

Sale time is upon us and our favourite stores and sites are awash with red and white banners declaring bargains galore - so with Winter only officially 10 days old we tasked ourselves with finding the best jackets and coats on offer for bargain prices...

Mancunian artisan's of cool Oi Polloi are offering this Trail Jacket from Woolen Mills by Woolrich at 30% Off - Now £298, From £425

Northern Irish favourites of ours, The Bureau of Belfast are offering 30% Off of Mark McNairy New Amsterdam's Airforce Blue Faux Fur Lined Overcoat (also available in Green) - Now £375 from £540.

Detail obsessives Folk Clothing have calved 30% Off of their Canvas Overcoat, available ion Mid Brown, Charcoal & Navy - Now £200 from £295

Capital cheeky charmers Number Six of London will give you 40% Off of this Ralph Lauren Wool Academy Black Peacoat - Now £255 from £425

Newcastle's finest End Clothing have a steal of a Fred Perry Mountain Parker at 30% Off - Now £87 from £125

Happy bargain hunting!

Tuesday, December 28

S.E.H Kelly

Founded by Sarah Kelly & Paul Vincent and launched last year S.E.H Kelly is a gem of a brand and not least because of its Made in England ethic.

Working with mills in London, Somerset and Nottingham to produce a focused and timeless range of pieces, the duo have galvanised talents honed over more than a decade - including a period for each on the road famous for being a master tailors haven, Savile Row.

Mixing the understated cool of New York's Steven Alan with a very London 'man about town' chic, S.E.H Kelly is definitely a brand we'll be keeping our beady eyes on in 2011.

Sunday, December 26

The Style Game

Bored of Monopoly? Don't want to be outsmarted by Grampa at Trivial Pursuit? Then while the kids play with boxes and the ladyfolk debate the merits of cooking with goose fat this Christmas, why not play The Style Game?!!

The Rules are simple:

Every chap has a turn in the limelight as The Man.

Each of the other Players take it in turn to assess The Man's attire - for every item of clothing that The Man is wearing (including socks and underwear - The Man must show the waistband of the briefs/boxers he is wearing), each Player has to guess the Brand and the Store or Website from where it was bought.

For each incorrect answer the Player gains 10 points.

Each Player then guesses the Total Cost of The Man's Complete Outfit - for every £1 (or €1) away from the true Total Cost they gain 1 point.

The Man of each round does the marking and awards the points once all of the Players have made their guesses.

The Player with the most points each round has to down his drink in one.

Example Round:

Player One: 'The Man is wearing...

...A Hugo Boss Scarf from Harrods...
...Paul Smith Suit Jacket from Paul Smith...
...John Smedley Jumper from Selfridges...
...Rocha by John Rocha Jeans from Debenhams...
...Clae Chuka Boots from
...Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts from TK Maxx...
...and Topman Socks from Topman'

'Total Cost of The Man's Complete Outfit is £520'.

Player Two: 'The Man is wearing...

...A Paul Smith Scarf from Paul Smith...
...Paul Smith Suit Jacket from Paul Smith...
...Hugo Boss Jumper from Harrods...
...Ted Baker Jeans from Ted Baker...
...Clarks Originals from
...and Topman Boxer Shorts and Socks from Topman'

'Total Cost of The Man's Complete Outfit is £490'.

The Man scores: 'I am wearing...

...A Paul Smith Scarf from Paul Smith...
...Ozwald Boateng Suit Jacket from Harrods...
...Hugo Boss Jumper from Selfridges...
...Ted Baker Jeans from Ted Baker...
...Clarks Originals Boots from Oi Polloi...
...and Topman Boxer Shorts from Topman...
...and Marks & Spencer Socks from Marks & Spencer's'

'Total Cost of Complete Outfit is £635.
Player One scores 245 points.
Player Two scores 205 points
Player One scores the most amount of points - down your drink!'.

Merry Christmas from all at The Gospel!

Thursday, December 23

Christmas Knits

These dodgy knits may have been confined to the wardrobes of only your unfunny uncle and Noel Edmonds in years gone by (bad luck if your unfunny uncle actually is Noel Edmonds) but in recent years they've made a comeback into the collections of some of our favourite brands.

We're sure some of you have been wearing them in secret anyway but for the time being you can emerge with pride and join the Fairisle Brigade!

Here's our pick of the bunch...

(click on them for a link to where you can buy them - we dare you)

Tuesday, December 21


As part of our Made in England series this feature heralds the triumph that is Albam.

Founded in a Nottingham office by likely lads Alistair Rae & James Shaw nearly 3 years ago with just 7 styles in their first catalogue, Albam now have retail stores in 3 premium locations in the greatest capital in England.

Their philosophy is truly admirable; create Modern Crafted Clothing, produce it in
Great Britain.

Though at times this has proven challenging and purists may huff when they admit to seeking skills from Italy, Portugal or the US - these instances have only arrived through their desire to produce a garment of superior quality and in its truest form.

While their product offer is seasonal they have not been so crass as to shepherd customers along into the 'new' and away from the 'old', instead preferring to drop in new garments as they are created rather than wait for word on the high street to arrive from the department store powers-that-be.

To this end garments are seldom reproduced for a second run at the mill; Messrs Rae & Shaw favouring evolution over revolution.

Unlike other own-brand retailers they're not naive enough to consider themselves masters of all and have in recent years brought in items from footwear specialists including Grenson, Quoddy & New Balance, accessories from Altadena Works, and books even the proudest English gentleman would be happy to have adorn his Carl Henson & Son coffee table.

Next time you're passing Carnaby Street, Spitalfields or Islington, do pop in.